Our Focus

In TotalAplicaciones we have always sought to facilitate business and company processes through simple and efficient applications that allow obtaining the best administrative performance with the least effort

Our history

We started as a Saint support channel more than 25 years ago, and we have been evolving and adapting to new technologies and that is how in 2007 TotalAplicaciones emerges developing custom applications for each client

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TXT Bancos
Control de Comisiones
TotalPrecios Multimoneda
Pos Serialización
Presupuesto Contable
Herramientas Fiscales

Meet our team

Our work team always focused on handling the latest technologies and providing the necessary support they require

Rafael Trujillo

Founder and Executive Director

Keyla Muñoz

General Coordinator

Alexander Gonzalez


Moises Baez

Applications Support

Francia Vasquez

Applications Support

Freddy Alcantara

Founder and director of the department of SQL and databases

Xiomara Betancourt

Customer Service / Sales

Jean Silva

Saint Support

Dugat Piñero

Saint Support

Juan Alfonzo

Director Programming and Software Development Department

Larry Ramirez

Back-end Programmer

Ricardo Gomez

Back-end Programmer

Rafael Sanchez

Back-end Programmer

Ivan Galindo

Front-end Programmer

Lydvirg Bertolino

VIP Client and Project Manager

Patricia Jaramillo

Accounting Support / Administration

Jose Hernandez


Zenaida Uzcategui

Reception and Collection